The Perfect Model of a Missionary Priest:                                                    The Life and Spirit of Bishop Richard Challoner    OUT OF PRINT     

ISBN 978-0-9572772-9-8


This book is wriiten by Peter Codd, a retired priest in the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth. It is the first book for some time about Bishop Challoner. Richard Challoner became Bishop of the London District when it was still illegal to be a Catholic priest, let alone a Bishop. The book tells the story of his intriguing life from his boyhood, his conversion ot Catholicism, his time as a student in France and his life as a priest and finally Bishop.


The book itself is a slight departure from our normal publications as it neither about a local person or place. However Challoner was frequent visitor to Berkshire and Reading and it could be argued that much of his work laid the foundations for the growth of Catholicism in Reading.


The text of the book has 42 pages and measures 17 x 24cms


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