Life in Old Caversham by Mary Kift    ISBN 978-0-9935512-0-8                   £10.00 + £2.80P&P

Mr Eynott at his forge in 1895. from page 102

This book is in A5 format, illustrated throughout and is 119 pages long. 


It tells the story of Caversham through the lives of its inhabitants. Some of them are internationally famous, such as William, Earl Marshall of England. Some are ordinary people from the village. One such is as another William, this time William Coldicutt,  a local burcher who owned a field off Gosbrook Road where he kept cattle for his own abattoir and butchery business.


The book brings to life what it was like to live in Caversham in times past and how the village grew into the suburb of Readng that we know today. It takes you to corners of Caversham that you may pass by without appreciating their historical significance. Most important of all the reader can see all this through the eyes of those who lived though those times.


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