Reading's Abbey Quarter, an Illustrated History  £15.00 plus £2.25 p&p

I have had a reprint of this book which is now available at Reading Museum and Fourbears Bookshop, Caversham. If you wish to order directly from us please email or phone. Thank you.

After three years of research I have produced a book which gives a new insight into the changing face of the Abbey Quarter. This includes the ancient ruins of the Abbey and the modern buildings that now stand on its site. The reader will see how old buildings have changed or vanished to be replaced with those we see today.


By using over 250 illustrations, some dating back nearly 300 years, the reader will understand how the area has evolved. I have aslo looked at the Forbury Gardens, how they were once a place of market fairs and military parades adn how they became the Gardens that were created in the 19th century. The reader will read how many great architects such Waterhouse, Pugin and Scott have worked in the area. 




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