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Based upon research by John Mullaney, Reading Abbey - A pilgrim church has been more than twelve years in the making. For much of this time, Dr. KevIn Hayward, one of the country's leading petrologists, acted as consultant in matters concerning the stonework of Reading Abbey.


The book takes a critical look, some of it based on new evidence, at what we know of the architectural style of Reading Abbey, such as the height of its main tower, and its length.


Theories concerning the burial place of the abbey’s founder, Henry I, are examined in detail, with supporting maps and diagrams.


With the arrival of the Hand of St James, soon after the abbey was founded, Reading became a centre of pilgrimage. The book looks at the history of the Hand, examining its authenticity and tracing its history through the abbey’s seals and various documents. The relic was so important that Reading Abbey came to be known as the Abbey of St James.  


In the late 18th century a mummified hand was found in the walls of the abbey’s ruins. Could this be the Hand that had been venerated at the abbey? 


The book is comprehensively illustrated, using diagrams, drawings and historical records to complement the text.   


                 The profits from the sales of this book are being donated                 

to the 'Friends of Reading Abbey'