Watercolours & Weevils ... A light-hearted look at expat life.

£12.00  Out of print but we the author may have some copies, please email us and we shall do what we can.


At the beginning of 2000 Mary’s late husband, Pat, was working as Training Manager for a global Engineering company. When he was posted to the Philippines Mary accompanied him:  they lived there for two years, in the Provinces, some distance from Manila.


Life there was unfamiliar, interesting, exciting and often downright challenging;  Mary started a journal which she continued during subsequent postings to Egypt and China, detailing the often-humorous day-to-day events which made up their lives and featuring many of the fascinating people whom they met, both local and expat.  Mary also started painting in the Philippines and continued throughout her time overseas.  In response to a number of requests she has finally turned these journals into a book, using her own paintings, line-drawings and photographs.


The book, ‘Watercolours and Weevils’ is ‘a light-hearted look at ex-pat life’ and is published at £12

Front cover of Mary's new book, a collage of some of the photos and paintings you will find in the book.


The book has 294  pages with a mix of colour paintings, photographs and line drawings.

Mary today with some of her artwork.

Pat Colbeck, Mary's husband, to whose memory the book is dedicated.


As Mary writes,


To the memory of Pat who always wanted to 'make a difference' - and did.